Victims Register – register to receive information about a prisoner/offender

A person who has been affected by a crime may be eligible to join the Victims Register and receive information about a prisoner such as:

  • whether the prisoner has applied for parole
  • whether the Board has granted the prisoner parole
  • whether the Board has made any victim-specific conditions (for example, prohibiting the prisoner from entering the suburb where the victim lives).  

The Adult Parole Board (the Board) provides information to the Victims Register, and the Victims Register provides information to registered victims.

As a registered victim, you can also make a submission and have your say about how the crime has impacted you and suggest parole conditions for the Board to consider. The Board considers submissions from registered victims very carefully.

The Victims Register is confidential (the prisoner will not know you receive information about them).

You will receive information during the prisoner’s sentence unless the prisoner transfers their sentence to a different jurisdiction outside of Victoria. If the prisoner transfers their sentence, you would then need to register with the equivalent of Victims Register in that jurisdiction in order to keep receiving information about the prisoner. Victims Register in Victoria can provide more information.    

Apply to receive information about a prisoner

The Board is independent and does not manage the Victims Register. For information on how to apply for the Victims Register to receive information about a prisoner, visit (link opens in a new window).