The Board’s governance structure oversights the efficient and effective administration of the Board’s strategy, policy, and practice. All major strategic decisions are made by the Executive based on the recommendations and advice of the four supporting subcommittees, with project advice provided by the Project Board.


The Executive is the most senior body in the Board’s governance structure. Its membership consists of the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Chief Administrative Officer, and the four full-time members. The Executive considers and endorses high-level changes to Board functions and provides advice and consultation on all proposed legislative and practice changes to Corrections Victoria and relevant stakeholders. The Executive leads the four subcommittees and the Project Board and its decisions are based on their investigations, recommendations and advice. 

Strategic Planning Subcommittee

The Strategic Planning Subcommittee is responsible for the development of the annual report and the Board’s strategic plan. The subcommittee is chaired by a full-time member.

Stakeholder Engagement Subcommittee

The Stakeholder Engagement Subcommittee provides strategic direction to the Board in all its communications – both internal and external. It is chaired by a full-time member, and membership includes judicial and community representatives from the Board’s membership, the Chief Administrative Officer, the Senior Communications Officer, and senior staff from the Department of Justice and Regulation’s Strategic Communications unit. The subcommittee investigates strategies to improve the Board’s engagement with the community and the public, and to strengthen its existing relationships with partner corrections agencies and government bodies.

Risk and Audit Subcommittee

The Risk and Audit Subcommittee oversees the identification and management of the key areas of risk at the Board. It is chaired by the Chief Administrative Officer and its membership combines both Board members, senior Secretariat staff and a representative from the Department of Justice and Regulation’s Risk, Audit and Integrity Directorate. The Risk and Audit Subcommittee is integral to managing and monitoring ongoing internal and independent external audits, as well as assisting with managing any other potential risks the Board face such as those associated with high profile offenders, current litigation matters, and other issues that may bring media attention. It is responsible for the Board’s Business Continuity Plan and Risk Register.

Practice Subcommittee

The Practice Subcommittee was established to ensure consistency of practice across the Board and to develop standards, direction, and guidance for Board members in decision-making. The subcommittee is responsible for developing and overseeing the Board’s suite of internal practice guidelines, designed to educate Board members on specific areas of practice. The Chairperson of the Board chairs this subcommittee and its membership includes the Chief Administrative Officer, full-time members, and senior members of Corrections Victoria.

Practice Improvement Group

The Practice Improvement Group is chaired by a full-time member and reports directly to the Practice Subcommittee. Its purpose is to proactively and quickly review decisions and practice points that have arisen and may be significant, novel or complex and make recommendations to the Practice Subcommittee to adopt a specific practice approach, amend resource material, or conduct a further review in relation to that practice point. Its membership is fluid and may include any Board member who sat on the panel where the practice point arose.

Project Board

The Project Board oversees the implementation and monitoring of major programs and projects at the Board, both internally and on an interagency level where they intersect with Corrections Victoria. It is chaired by the Chief Administrative Officer and its membership includes a full-time member, senior Secretariat staff, and senior Corrections Victoria staff.

This is the Board's governance structure.