Parole Manual

The purpose of parole is to promote public safety by supervising and supporting the transition of offenders from prison into the community. The aim is to minimise their risk of reoffending (in terms of frequency and seriousness) while on parole and after they finish their sentence. This risk cannot be eliminated but the Adult Parole Board works to diminish it. The safety and protection of the community is the paramount consideration guiding Board decisions.

This manual provides guidance to members of the Board in relation to their functions. It also promotes transparency and accountability in the operation of the Board.

It provides a statement of the Board’s general principles, policies and practices as at June 2020. The Board’s policies and practices are subject to ongoing review and the manual will be revised periodically. The information contained in this manual is advisory only: it creates no enforceable rights and does not restrict the powers and functions as set out in the Corrections Act 1986 and any other relevant legislation.

In publishing this guidance, the Board seeks to assist prisoners, their families and supporters, victims of crime and members of the community more generally to gain a clearer understanding of the principles that the Board relies upon and the approach it uses in making its decisions.

His Honour Peter Couzens
Chairperson, Adult Parole Board

Parole Manual (June 2020 edition)

Parole Manual - Adult Parole Board (PDF) 782 KB

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