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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Until further notice: 

  • hard copy correspondence mailed to the Board's address at level 14, 50 Franklin Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 will not be processed
  • the Board's office phone (1300 766 946) will divert to a holding message.

If you wish to contact the Board: please email If a response is required, the Board will respond at the earliest opportunity, This may take up to 10 business days, depending on the issues that need to be considered and addressed in the response.

Seeking information about a prisoner?

Family, friends, legal representatives

Due to strict legislative provisions in the Corrections Act 1986, the Board is unable to provide information without authorisation from the prisoner.

To gain authorisation, contact the prisoner and ask them to provide the Board with written consent. 


Registered victims may receive information about a prisoner through the Victorian Victims Register.


Due to strict legislative provisions in the Corrections Act 1986, the Board is unable to provide information about any prisoner or former prisoner.

Seeking family violence information 

All information requests made to the Adult Parole Board under the Family Violence Protection Amendment (Information Sharing) Act 2017 (Vic) will be required to be submitted in writing to 

The Act permits a number of organisations, including the Board, to share current and historical family violence risk information with other listed organisations when necessary to manage a risk of family violence. In some cases, sharing of information may be legally required under the Act.  

Please include: 

  • your name, job title and organisation 
  • the information, clearly articulated, that you are seeking from the Board, and how it is required for family violence assessment or risk management purposes 
  • if you are a Risk Assessment Entity (RAE) or a general Information Sharing Entity (ISE) under the Family Violence Protection (Information Sharing) Regulations
  • whether the individual (the person who is the subject of the request) is an alleged offender (RAEs only), offender, victim or third party
  • the names of other parties relating to the incident/s 
  • the grounds for determining the person is an offender or victim 
  • any factors indicating the urgency (high, medium, low) of the request to enable prioritisation
  • confirmation of obtained consent from the victim or third party to request that the Adult Parole Board release information under Part 5A, or a statement indicating why consent has not been sought and obtained.

Upon receipt of your email, the Board will endeavour to respond to your request within five business days however in periods of high demand or complex requests it may take longer.