Jurisdiction of the Board

The Adult Parole Board (the Board) is a decision-making authority which has jurisdiction over:

  • prisoners for whom a court has ordered a prison sentence and has fixed a non-parole period (unless they are aged under 21 years or have been transferred from a youth justice centre)
  • any prisoner under the age of 21 (unless the Board transfers them to a youth justice centre)
  • young persons transferred by the Youth Parole Board from a youth justice centre to a prison. 

The Corrections Act 1986 (opens in a new window) establishes the Adult Parole Board, its composition, functions, powers, and decision-making principles. The Board has additional functions outlined in the:

The Board does not have a case management function. It is not responsible for preparing prisoners for parole, or for supervising and managing them while they are on parole. It does not have an investigative function. Rather, it is a decision making body that relies on information provided to it, primarily by Corrections Victoria, to make decisions in accordance with its statutory authority.