Interstate transfers

Eligible prisoners with a non-parole period who the Board has granted parole will normally be required to complete their parole within Victoria. However, prisoners can request to complete their parole in another Australian jurisdiction.

The reasons prisoners may make such a request are varied, but often the prisoner has more appropriate accommodation, employment opportunities, and a supportive network of family and friends in the other jurisdiction.

The Parole Orders (Transfers) Act 1983 (opens in new window) governs the transfer of parole arrangements between Australian  jurisdictions. The legislation allows for jurisdictions to send and receive prisoners, and provides deeming provisions to allow authorities to deal with that person as if they were granted parole in the receiving jurisdiction. The receiving jurisdiction must be willing to accept the prisoner.

The Victorian Minister for Corrections makes the ultimate decision about transfer of parole. The Board will impose appropriate conditions on the parole of prisoners who have successfully applied for a transfer to Victoria.

Prisoners who wish to request an interstate parole transfer should raise the issue with their case manager. Prisoners who are already on parole, but would like to request a transfer, should raise the issue with their parole officer.