Victims Register

The Victims Register is managed by the Department of Justice and Community Safety's Victim Services, Support and Reform. 


There are laws in Victoria about who can get information, and what information is available from the Victims Register. 

Generally, you can apply to be included on the Victims Register if:

  • the offender hurt you or a family member
  • a family member has died because of the crime
  • you have been a victim of family violence
  • you have a connection to the crime.

Relevant crimes include:

  • assault
  • armed robbery
  • stalking
  • kidnapping
  • breach of a family violence intervention order
  • threats to kill
  • sexual offences
  • culpable driving
  • manslaughter
  • murder.

You cannot be placed on the Victims Register if you do not meet the eligibility criteria, or:

  • the prisoner is detained in a Youth Justice Centre
  • the offender has not been sentenced
  • the prisoner's sentence, Supervision Order or Detention Order has finished
  • the offender was found not guilty because of mental impairment.

Your privacy

The Victims Register is confidential. The offender will not know if you get information about them.

When you apply, you can ask for someone else to get the information on your behalf, such as a:

  • close friend
  • family member
  • case worker.


To apply for the Victims Register, please visit (link opens in a new window). 

More information 

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