Victim Services, Support and Reform

Victim Services, Support and Reform in the Department of Justice and Community Safety is the Victorian government agency helping people in Victoria manage the impact of violent crime and to receive timely and efficient supports.

Victims Services, Support and Reform coordinate a whole-of-government approach to delivering services for victims of crime. The agency operates the Victims of Crime Helpline, and funds the state-wide Victims Assistance Program to provide victims with practical assistance, counselling and support through the justice system. Victim Services, Support and Reform also manage the Victims Register.

The Board and the Victims Register work closely in relation to operational and policy issues. The Board provides information to the Victims Register about the management of prisoners (where appropriate) and victim-related conditions. The Victims Register then provides victims of crime with timely, relevant and accurate information about the release of a prisoner on parole. , The Board and the Victims Register also regularly meet to discuss other matters such as local operating procedures, protocols and case specific matters.