Statement from the Chairperson of the Adult Parole Board

The Adult Parole Board implemented a remote working model from 30 March 2020.

The Board will continue to operate with its paramount consideration always the safety and protection of the community.

Where possible, Board hearings are now conducted remotely by video conference, and members and staff work remotely. While the Board has suspended all in-person interviews, the Board will continue to interview prisoners and prisoners on parole as required by video conference.

The Board will also continue to work closely with its stakeholders, including Corrections Victoria and Victoria Police, to receive relevant information to inform its parole decisions.

Prisoners who are:

  • currently on parole and who can continue to be managed safely in the community will remain on parole
  • in prison and who are eligible for parole will continue to be considered by the Board and may be released on parole if the Board is satisfied that they can safely be managed in the community.

This remote working model will be in place until further notice. However, the Board will continue to:

  • comply with any relevant government directions regarding public health measures to minimise the spread of the virus
  • review its operations in consultation with Corrections Victoria and provide any further updates on its website.

To contact the Board during this time, please email as hard copy mail will not be processed and the office phone will divert to a holding message.

Yours sincerely,

His Honour Peter Couzens
Adult Parole Board Chairperson