Secretariat Manual

This manual provides a high level overview of the responsibilities of the secretariat staff at the Board. Detailed operational procedures are provided to staff internally. The manual is subject to regular review and will be updated to reflect further changes and improvements to the Board’s operating environment.

Each section provides an overview of the administrative functions of the Board, set out chronologically to cover the creation of an offender file, to meeting preparation followed by post-meeting activity, finishing with an overview of the breach of parole model and general administration.

The publication of this manual allows members of the public to gain an insight into the support behind the Adult Parole Board to enable it to perform its functions.

Stuart Ward
Chief Administrative Officer

Download the Secretariat Manual via the links below.

Secretariat Manual - Adult Parole Board of Victoria (PDF) 486KB

Secretariat Manual - Adult Parole Board of Victoria (RTF) 3.70MB