19 April 2018

The Adult Parole Board is participating in Law Week 2018 with the aim of informing the community about the purpose of parole, the parole process and the role of the Board.

The Board will run two events this year including: 

18 April 2018

Her Honour Catherine Lamble has been appointed as a judicial member of the Adult Parole Board. 

20 December 2017

Five new members, including one full-time member and four community members, were appointed to the Adult Parole Board on Tuesday, 19 December 2017. This is in addition to two new judicial members who were appointed on Wednesday, 22 November 2017.

8 August 2017

Brett McLeod at Channel 9 news interviewed His Honour Peter Couzens, the Chairperson, and three community members - Carmel Arthur, Geoff Wilkinson and Kieran Walshe - for a report which aired on Monday 7 August.

24 June 2017

The Adult Parole Board has run its event - 'Parole, you decide' - during Law Week 2016 and 2017, and will run it again at Law Week 2018.

The mock parole hearing follows the story of a prisoner from when applies to and when he is on parole. When the prisoner later breaches his parole conditions, the Board determines whether to cancel his parole.

23 June 2017

His Honour Peter Couzens, Chairperson of the Adult Parole Board, welcomes you to the website in the video.

13 June 2017

A helpful infographic explains the process that an offender goes through from when a court has sentenced them to a term of imprisonment with a non-parole period to when their sentence expires. 

View the parole process infographic

13 June 2017

In the following video, His Honour Peter Couzens, Chairperson of the Adult Parole Board, explains who sits on the Board, their backgrounds, and the wide range of skills and experience that they each bring to the Board.  

You can also view the full list of Board members.

18 May 2017

Prisoners who are serving a term of imprisonment with a non-parole period and are intending to apply for parole should start their parole preparation at the commencement of their sentence by: