'Parole, you decide' - mock parole hearing

The Adult Parole Board has run its event - 'Parole, you decide' - during Law Week 2016 and 2017, and will run it again at Law Week 2018.

The mock parole hearing follows the story of a prisoner from when applies to and when he is on parole. When the prisoner later breaches his parole conditions, the Board determines whether to cancel his parole.

'Parole, you decide' features members of the Board who discuss the facts of the case as they would in a real Board meeting. Please note that as this video of 'Parole, you decide' was filmed during Law Week 2016, three of the members are no longer at the Board.



  • His Honour Peter Couzens, Chairperson of the Board

First panel who determine whether to grant the prisoner parole 

  • His Honour Frank Shelton, Deputy Chairperson of the Board and retired County Court Judge
  • Kieran Walshe, community member and former Deputy Commissioner of Victoria Police
  • Magistrate Raj Malhotra, former full time member and current sitting Magistrate

Second panel who determine if the prisoner's parole should be cancelled

  • Magistrate Peter Reardon, former Board member and current sitting Magistrate
  • Carmel Arthur, community member and victim of crime
  • Dr David Curnow, full time member 

Breach detention and cancellation presentation 

  • Shivani Pillai, former full time member and currently at the Victorian Bar