Informative videos

Chairperson’s welcome to the website

In this video, His Honour Peter Couzens welcomes you to the website.

Information about parole, the parole process, and the Board

In these videos, His Honour Peter Couzens explains:

Mock parole hearing – Law Week

The Adult Parole Board ran its event - 'Parole, you decide' - at Law Week 2016, and the video footage is available. The mock parole hearing follows the story of a prisoner from when applies to and when he is on parole. When the prisoner later breaches his parole conditions, the Board determines whether to cancel his parole. 'Parole, you decide' features members of the Board who discuss the facts of the case as they would in a real Board meeting.

Channel 9 news report on the Board 

Brett McLeod at Channel 9 news interviewed His Honour Peter Couzens, the Chairperson, and three community members for a report which aired on 7 August 2017.