Adult Parole Board Annual Report 2019-20 tabled in Parliament

The Adult Parole Board of Victoria’s Annual Report 2019-20 was tabled in Parliament on 10 December 2020.

The highlight of the report is the recognition of how effectively the Board members, management and staff adapted to the Victorian Government’s directions to work from home.

As His Honour Peter Couzens, Chairperson of the Board, states in his foreword, “the Board continued to operate without missing a beat, and this being despite a greater workload than the year before.”

In 2019-20:

  • the Board determined 1,400 applications, granting parole for 65 per cent (913 cases) and denying parole for 35 per cent (487 cases)
  • there were 898 prisoners on parole at 30 June 2020, seven per cent more than the previous year and the highest number since 2015-16
  • this year, 78 per cent of prisoners successfully completed their parole, the fourth consecutive year that more than three-quarters of prisoners have completed parole successfully
  • four persons were convicted of committing serious violent offences or sexual offences, the fourth consecutive year that the number was five or less and a 93 per cent reduction from when the Board first reported on it in 2013-14.

The Adult Parole Board Annual Report 2019-20 is available in annual reports