Adult Parole Board Annual Report 2018-19

The Adult Parole Board Annual Report 2018-19, tabled in Parliament on 17 October 2019, shows that prisoners are successfully completing their parole more than ever before.

In 2018-19, 81 per cent of prisoners successfully completed their parole – the highest rate of parole completions on record.

There has been a 95 per cent reduction in the number of persons convicted of committing a serious violent offence or sex offence while on parole over six years since the Board initially reported on it (from 60 persons in 2013-14 to three in 2018-19). 

There has also been a 73 per reduction in the number of parole cancellations over five years – the Board cancelled parole for 153 prisoners in 2018-19 compared with 569 in 2013-14.

In his foreword, the Board’s Chairperson His Honour Peter Couzens states that “these are outstanding results, a testament to the transformation of the parole system post the Callinan Review.”

The report is available at Annual Reports