Adult Parole Board Annual Report 2016-17


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Media release - 19 October 2017

The Adult Parole Board Annual Report for the 2016-17 reporting year was tabled in Parliament today.

This year marks 60 years since the Board’s first meeting in 1957, and the report provides evidence that the Board is operating efficiently and effectively.

The report notes:

  • Over the previous four reporting years, there has been a 92 per cent reduction in the number of persons convicted of committing a serious offence while on parole. Five persons were convicted during 2016-17 of committing a serious offence while on parole, compared with 60 in 2013-14.
  • In 2016-17, 95 per cent of eligible prisoners chose to apply for parole while just 5 per cent chose not to apply. This shows that prisoners are not deterred by the parole application process.
  • The Board made 1,306 decisions on applications for parole (including re-parole).
  • The Board granted parole in 58 per cent of parole application decisions and denied parole in 42 per cent.
  • During 2016-17, 76 per cent of parolees completed their parole. This is the highest proportion of successful parole completions over the past eight years.
  • The number of breach notifications received by Victoria Police has reduced by 73 per cent over the past three financial years. The Board operates a 24/7 model to manage breach notifications, all of which are considered for final determination on the day of notification or the next day.
  • 204 parolees had their parole cancelled and were returned to prison in 2016-17, compared to 930 in 2012-13. This reflects a 78 per cent decrease over the past five reporting years.

In his foreword, the Board’s Chairperson His Honour Peter Couzens acknowledges that while risk of re-offending can never be eliminated, ‘the reporting year has provided further evidence that the parole system post-Callinan has improved and the community’s exposure to risk of harm from parolees has reduced’.

As part of a communications strategy to improve the community’s understanding of parole and the Board’s role, the Board launched its first website - – which contains information to inform the community about the purpose of parole, the parole process, and the role of the Board.

The Adult Parole Board Annual Report 2016-17 is available on the Board’s new website,


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